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Stop Making Excuses

In my previous posts, I shared some tips to make passive income and live the life you want. After I posting this ideas, I got a lot of questions and excuses. Unfortunately, I can’t answer every single email, so I decided to make an article for everyone.

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First of all, please don’t say it’s impossible without giving a chance to try. If it would impossible, then no one could do it. Always ask the question for yourself, ‘What would be the worst case scenario?’. I believe if you don’t try to achieve your goals, that’s the worst case scenario. Give it a try and learn from your mistakes. If you do so, you’ll never lose anything. You’ll be a winner in every cases.

You don’t need to travel the world, you don’t need to quit your job. Do what you really want to do. If you just want to earn some extra money, it’s okay. You can do it. You can do everything you want, if you truly believe it.

More people wrote me that they didn’t study in business schools and they know nothing about business. It’s just a new excuse… I wrote about an amazing online course that is a step-by-step guide and all you have to do is to follow these steps. You can accomplish that without any previous education. In the future I will share with you different strategies to make money online. You don’t need to go to university to start an online business.

A lot of people wrote me that they don’t have money to start the Kindle publishing business. That’s okay too. Again, don’t think about excuses, think about solution. You can write your own book and it’s free. You can use free covers, etc. You can start this Kindle publishing business without investing any money and once it makes profit for you, you can use that money for growth.

Then the second most popular excuse after money is time. What if you don’t have time for that? Really? Don’t you have time to start building your future? Rather you watching TV at night or spend some time to build your business? Ask yourself: what is more important for me? Are you able to do what it takes to start building your dream life? Do you want to make excuses or find a way to take action? It’s your choice. Spend some time to think about it.

Anyway, I don’t want to spend more time writting about excuses. I want to help people who can do what it takes to earn as much money online, as they want. If you are that kind of people, please come back to read my articles, because I really want to help as much people as I can.

Until, the next post, please chech out the book that I write myself to learn how to build a profitable and sustainable online business.

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In the next post, I’ll share a personal story with you.

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