My summer in Corfu Part 2 – Cost of Living in Corfu

In the previous post, I wrote about 9 things that I didn’t know about living in Corfu, but it would be better to know. This part will be about our expenses.

First of all, I have to mention that we didn’t want to spend too much as both my boyfriend and I have online businesses and we invest a lot of money into it. However, we didn’t choose the cheapest option every single time. For example, we could use public transportation all the time but once we decided to rent a car for 3 days. But I explain everything below.

1. Flight

We spent €237 in total. This amount contains the price for Budapest to Corfu and also the price for Corfu to Budapest, and this is for 2 people.

2. Accommodation

We’ve rented an Airbnb house in a small village called Notos for 3 months. The price for that is €915.

3. Food

Most of the time we bought food from a supermarket called Lidl as it was the cheapest store. There was a smaller market in the village where we stayed, but the prices were much higher there. We usually prepared our food at home.

A few times we ordered gyros in a restaurant, but it wasn’t expensive. Other than that we ate at home. Most of the time when we went on an all-day trip, we ate our home-made foods. So the price of the food for the 3 months was €477.

4. Public transportation

We spent €38. This price contains the ticket prices for the bus, and we asked the Airbnb host to pick up us at the airport as we arrived there late and we had no buses then.

The reason why this price is so low is we went many places by foot and bike. The owner of the Airbnb house left a bike there for us. Most of the time some of us went by foot while the other by bike and after a time, we changed — this way we spent nothing on public transport.

5. Car rental & gas

We rented a car for 3 days, and it was €100, and the gas was €36. It wasn’t a necessity, but we wanted to see every significant sight on the island. As public transport was quite poor there, we thought we are doing better if we go by car. The car wasn’t fancy at all. If I remember right, that was the cheapest. So I think it was a good deal as we saw everything we wanted to.

6. Other costs

We always chose sights that are free, and we usually spent time on the beach. The only time we paid for something was when we wanted to see the old fortress. That was €9 for two of us. That’s why we didn’t have other costs besides that.

So in total, we spent €1812 in 3 months. That’s a little more than $2000. I think it’s an excellent price for a life long experience like that. 🙂

See? Traveling is not necessarily expensive. You need to set a budget and plan accordingly. You can even save money with traveling if you choose a destination where living is cheaper than in your country.

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