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My story

As I promise in my previous post I share with my story. The reason why I want to share my story with you is to motivate you to stop making excuses and start living your dream life.

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It’s not a template that I share with you. I didn’t have debt, I wasn’t a single mom. I had an average life and that was my problem. I hated living an average life. I was sick and tired when I though about my future average life.

Go to school as long as I can… Working for 40 years (or more)… Traveling a few weeks per year, because I have to come back to work… Spend quite a few times with my family, because I have to come back to work… Work as much as I can, because my salary depends on the time I spend with working (or the time being in the office)… Free overtime for promotion…

Okay, I become depressed if I continue the list. But I think you know what I think. Anyway, I hated this idea. All I wanted is freedom. I wanted to live my life I wanted. That’s why I spent a lot of time resourching ideas to achive my goals. I was reading one of the Robert Kiyosaki book when I realized something that really impressed me. That’s when I heard the concept of passive income at the first time. And I don’t need more time to realize the power of it.

Robert Kiyosaki expalined the 4 ways to making money. He says the 4 ways to making money are: being an employee, being self-employed, being a business owner or being an investor. He also wrote about the power of being a business owner and being an investor. That is when money works for you and not inversely.

I was so impressed and motivated. I know that I find my way. That was the time when I decided to start a business. I knew that I had to work hard at the beginning but almost nothing later. I knew that I had to work ON my business, not IN my business.

I was reading a lot about passive income ideas, when I finally found my first business idea: Kindle publishing. Now, I work almost nothing in my business but it produces more and more profits every single month. It’s almost 100% automatic and I’ve already earned as much money as I need to live the life I want.

Best of all, I didn’t spend any time to figure out how can I build this Kindle publishing business so effective. I just bought an online course, that followed me step-by-step to build this business. My only task was to take action.

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There are probably hundreds of different ways to make money online, but NOTHING comes close to this methodology.

It’s SO simple that even complete rookies are able to quickly and easily publish their books in the Kindle platform… and most importantly, make money even the SAME day they publish them!

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