How To Self-Publish Your First Book – Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners

Would you like to self-publish your first book? Then this blog post is for you. In this blog post, I will share with you how I self-publish one of my books on Amazon and how you can self-publish yours as well.

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The two things you need before you can publish your book is your raw file and the cover of your book.

If you don’t have a cover yet, don’t worry. You can find a designer who does it for you for as low as $5. Click here to get your design for $5.

You can search for Kindle cover. Your cover has to be a high quality flat cover that stands out and will get attention. It’s important that the cover looks professional and really sells the book.

So go to and if you don’t have an account yet, click sign up and follow the instructions.

Once you registered, sign in to your account.

Under the “Create a New Title” section click Kindle ebook.

First of all, you need to fill in the Kindle ebook details.


Firstly, you need to choose the language of your book. The language should be your book’s primary language, which the book is written. I highly recommend publishing your book in English because it has the biggest market out there.

Book Title

Then you enter your title. The book title has to be the same as on your cover. However, you can separate your title and your subtitle with a “:” sign and that way, you don’t need to put these into a separate form. So I only use the “book title” section.

It’s beneficial to use a keyword rich title especially if you want to rank high in the search engine. However, be sure that it looks like a title and not just a bunch of keywords.


Then you need to fill in is the Author name. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use your own name if you don’t want to. So you can use a pen name as well. For example, I use my brand name, Freedom Destination.


Then in the next step you need to write a description that really sells the book. You have a lot of characters to write a description. Use all of them because you have an opportunity here to convince your potential customers that your book is high-quality and will give value to them.

I highly recommend using HTML tags in your description because it will make the text more readable.

I like to start my description with a grabbing headline which shows the main benefit of the book. Then I use the introduction of my book to write down what my book is about and why should my customer buy it. After that, I copy the title of the chapters to show a preview of the book. Finally, at the end of the description, I put some call to action. For example, you can write something like “Go back at the top of the page and click the orange Buy now with 1-Click button”.

I copy my description here to see an example.

My Description

Grabbing Headline

Use These Powerful Budget Travel Secrets To Travel The World For Free Or Very Cheaply Starting Today!

Describing what the book is about and what they’ll learn

Would you like to travel the world with a low-budget? Well, it’s not impossible. What you need is some money and cheap or free options that cover your needs.

In this book, you’ll learn how to travel the world with little or no money. You’ll also read tips on how you can work from anywhere in the world.

Does it enough for you to travel only for a few weeks in a year? Or would you like to explore as many places as possible and meet other cultures? You can do it. In today’s world, we have so many opportunities as never before. It could take you a lot of time to get to know these tactics, but with this guide, you’ll have everything that you would need to make some money while you’re traveling and save a lot of money so that you can live inexpensively. And to do just that, you need this book.

This book includes money-making opportunities that will make you the most amount of money. Regarding expenses, we will cover the free options available, but if there is no free option, you will know the cheapest options available.

With this guide, you’ll be ready to travel the world full-time. Of course, it’s also good for those who want to save money on a few vacations.

Benefits of traveling

First, let’s see why do traveling is right for you?

In your everyday life, you know how to act. It’s not a challenging thing to make decisions. However, if you’re in a completely different place with entirely different people, you have to come out of your comfort zone. And this is how you can learn valuable lessons from life.

You’ll have more confidence. If you can solve the hard situations abroad, you can solve anything.

It helps create cultural sensitivity which leads to better communications and helps to understand international conflicts. For example, people in some countries like Spain take a siesta in the middle of the day. First I thought they are very lazy. But it’s not true. They do this to spend more time with their families and to eat together because family is more important for them than work. It made me think.

It’s the easiest way to learn a foreign language. Speaking in a second or third language has its beauty. The majority of people in Europe speaks two languages somewhat professionally. However, there are places where people don’t speak other languages. Learning other languages opens up new opportunities in your life, and it helps to connect new people.

Networking has its power as well. Most of the local people love talking about their country and culture. So if you’d like to know the place better, it could be fun talking to them. Of course, these connections can be useful in any other situation in the future like visiting each other or anything else.

Other benefits of traveling

Traveling has health benefits too. First of all, it’s useful against depression and anxiety. Moreover, it’s also good for your physics as you walk more as with a “normal” life sitting in the office in the entire day and at the end of the day sitting in your car, then on your couch. It has a good impact on your mental well-being as well as you get out of your comfort zone.

Traveling disconnects you with your daily life. Today’s people have a lot of stress in their life. However, taking a step back and leave your boss or any other problem can help a lot to your health.

It also makes you smarter if you spend some time in a specific country.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to Make Money When You’re Traveling?
  • Save Money on Airfare
  • Save Money on Accommodation
  • Finding The Best Exchange Rate
  • Do You Need Travel Insurance?
  • Eating Cheap
  • Save Money on Car Rentals
  • How to Get Free Rental Car, Hotel and Airline Upgrades?
  • Scams that will Cost You Money
  • Travel Diseases
  • And Much, Much More!

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Publishing Rights

Choose “I own the copyright and I hold the necessary publishing rights.”


In order to find relevant keywords, I recommend to go to and enter your primary keyword into the search bar. This is how you’ll get more keyword ideas that people are searching for.


Then you should choose two categories. Find two categories that best describe your book. If you don’t have any idea, you can type in your keyword on Amazon and check out your competitors. In order to find category ideas, choose a book you want to check out and scroll down to the “Product Details” section and you can see the categories under the Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

Age and Grade Range

After that, if you have an age and grade range, you can choose that as well. I like it to leave it blank. As a result, I can reach more people. However, if you have an erotical book or something like that, you need to choose the age range.


You can publish your book now, but you can also choose pre-order.

Then click “save and continue.”


Then it’s time to upload your manuscript. I always say no to enable Digital Rights Management on my Kindle books. But you can click on “How is my Kindle eBook affected by DRM?” to learn more about it.

Then click on “Upload eBook manuscript” and choose your book to upload it.

Kindle ebook Cover

Then click on “Upload your cover file” and choose your .jpg file to upload.

Kindle eBook Preview

If both of the files are uploaded, click on “Launch Previewer” to see if everything looks great. However, you don’t need to worry if you see a formatting mistake in your book because you can go back and edit your file and then upload it again.

Kindle eBook ISBN

You don’t need to have an ISBN for your Kindle book, so you can leave it blank.

Then click “save and continue.”

KDP Select Enrollment

If you enroll in the KDP Select Enrollment program, you agree to you won’t publish your book anywhere else until you’re in this program. I almost always choose this opportunity because I can promote my book for free for 5 days in every 90 days if I enroll in this program. This is very beneficial because you can rank higher in the search engine if your book gets a lot of downloads.


Choose “All territories”. As a result, you will reach people worldwide.

Royalty and Pricing

The minimum price you can choose is $0.99, and the maximum is $200. However, you can only get 70% royalty, if your book’s price is between $2.99 and $9.99. In any other cases, you get 35%. I recommend to sell your book for $0.99 to get more sales and rank higher in the search engine, and if your book sells well, you can come back later and change the price. But of course, it’s your decision. For me, it’s more important to reach more people, so my book is currently $0.99, but I’ll change it later.


Kindle MatchBook is only relevant if you also have a print version. However, if you enroll, you give your customers who purchase your print book from Amazon the option to purchase your Kindle eBook with a discount or for free. In general, I give away my books for free as a gift if someone purchased my print book.

Book Lending

Finally, you can decide if you want to allow lending for your book. To clarify, it means that you allow your customers to lend your book after purchasing it to their friends and family. Therefore, you can reach more people. That’s why I like to allow this option as well.

Then click “publish your Kindle ebook.”

Congratulation! Your first book will be available for the whole world soon.

In short, this is how you can self-publish your first book. However, if you need any further help, please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer your questions.

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