How To Create A Sales Funnel

  • how to create a sales funnel

In this blog post, I want to show you how to create a sales funnel with no coding.

how to create a sales funnel

But before we dive in, I want to encourage you to check out my 100% FREE online video training, where I show you step-by-step how to create a sales funnel.

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The tool I use to create my sales funnels is called ClickFunnels. Click here if you want to try it out for free. If you use this link, you can register a FREE ClickFunnels account, and you can test it for FREE for 14 days.

Step #1: Choose a Template

The first thing inside of Clickfunnels that worth mentioning is the marketplace. You can find pre-built funnels there. Some funnels are free, and some of them are paid.

You can select pre-designed funnels for product launch. If you have an Amazon business or any kind of physical product business, this is where you can find funnels. If you want to collect email addresses, squeeze page funnels are what you are looking for. Tripwire funnels start with a lower-priced product, then offer upsells at the later steps of the funnels. Video Sales Letter funnels use videos to sell your product or service. However, you can find all kinds of webinar funnels as well.

The first step is to choose what kind of funnel do you want to use. Then click on see all and select the funnel you wish to use. Click on that. Then click on “Get template,” then “Confirm Purchase.” That’s it.

Step #2: Edit The First Page Of Your Funnel

If you go back to your Clickfunnels account, you have to see this funnel. Select funnels at the top and your selected pre-built sales funnel will be there. Click on that to edit it.

First, go to settings and name this funnel.

Then you can add your domain name here if you want to use your own domain name for this funnel. If you want to know how to do it, I highly recommend to check out my FREE training. I show you step-by-step how to do it.

You can use a favicon as well. Favicon is the image that appears on the tab in your browser.

Head tracking code is for tracking your site with, for example, Google Analytics, but I have an in-depth training for that as well.

If you set up everything you wanted, then scroll down at the bottom of this page and click on “Save and update settings.”

On the left, you can see how the funnel is built up. These are the pages of the funnel. You can add a new step or delete one. If you want to edit a page, you need to click on the “Edit page” button.

Now let’s see how you can edit a page.

First of all, select the text to rewrite them. Change every text you want.

Then you can add images as well. Just simply click on an image element, and the settings of it will appear on the right. Click on that little image icon there to select an image. You can upload one you want to use. Then choose that, and it will appear on your page. If you go to the setting of this image, you change the size of it as well.

Step #3: SEO & Setting Up The Pop-Up Window

If you want to change the text that appears in your browser, you can go to settings and SEO meta data and change the title. The description will appear in the search engines. You can add keywords. This is for search engine optimization. You can also add your author’s name.

If you scroll down a little bit, you can check how it will appear in the search engines.

You must ask your visitors’ email addresses because it allows for almost free communication. The way you can do it is by giving away something for free in exchange with their email addresses. So they read this page, and if they like your offer, they will click on the button to get your offer. Then you can set up a pop up that will appear where they can type in their email addresses.

Select pop up at the top and click on “show pop up” to see how it looks like. They can enter their name and email address in this pop-up window, and when they click on the button, they will sign up to your email list.

Step #4: Automate Your Marketing With Emails

The next thing you need to do is integrate your email service provider to your Clickfunnels account to automate the whole process. You can write the emails forward and create an email sequence. It means that every time someone fills in their name and email address and clicks on your button, they will automatically get these emails without you doing anything.

The way you can do it is by going to settings and integrations. There select Getresponse. This is what I recommend to use, as this is the email service provider I use, and I’m delighted with it.

CLICK HERE to try out Getresponse for FREE for 30 days.

If you want to know the whole process, I encourage you to click here and get my FREE course. I show you there how to create an email list, email sequence, how to do this whole integration process, and so many things.

So you want to add to campaign. Select that. Then select the list you want to add.

One more thing you need to check because you want to appear this pop up after someone clicks on the button. So click on this button to check the settings of it. Click on “Set action” and select “open the pop up.” Save the changes, and let’s preview your funnel.

I recommend you to test the button to check if the pop up appears. You can fill in your name and email and click the button to check if it works properly. After you clicked on the button in the pop-up, the next step of the funnel should appear.

Step #5: Edit The Next Pages Of Your Funnel

Now you can go and edit the next page of your funnel. Click on the little arrow at the top left corner to go back. Select the next page and edit the page.

If you want to remove something, you can hover and select the delete icon. So delete the sections you don’t need and change the text as previously.

You can add a video as well. Click on the plus sign to add that and click on that element to see the settings of it — select video type and insert the URL. I usually choose Youtube.

Okay, so people will watch your video. Then they scroll down and see your offer. I recommend using an order form so that they can purchase your product right away. I go very in-depth on how you can create and set up an order form inside my FREE training.

Once you finished editing your page, save that and preview it to see the page you created.

Repeat the process and edit every page of your funnel. Once you have done with your funnel, you only have one thing to do, which is sending traffic to this funnel. So copy the URL of your funnel, and you can send traffic to this address. You can promote this link on Facebook, Instagram, your website, and so on. Of course, you can set up your own domain name if you want, and you haven’t done it already.

Summary & What’s Next

Then people will go to the first page of your funnel. They will learn something from you for free in exchange for their email address. It helps them. You solve their problem. Then if they like your offer, they will buy from you as well. However, once you have their email addresses, you can always send them more valuable products and services which they can buy from you and which can further help them solve their problem and challenges. So think of a sales funnel like a win-win situation. Your customers win as you helped them solve their problem, and you win because you made money by helping them.

If you want to know how to make money with a sales funnel and how to create one step-by-step, then click here to get my FREE course. It’s a several hour-long training that I give away for free.

This was the basics of how to create a sales funnel, but I don’t want to make this post too long. If someone interested to know very in-depth on how to create a sales funnel, then this training is for them.

If you don’t interested to get this course, no problem at all. You can still try out ClickFunnels and Getreponse for FREE. If you use these links, then you can try out Clickfunnels for FREE for 14 days and Getresponse for 30 days for FREE as well.

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