How I Make Money Online with Kindle Publishing?

Now I will tell you more about how I make money online so that you can learn from it and build your own Kindle publishing business if you want. I will tell you everything honestly.

So first of all, I followed a course to build my business. This course is K Money Mastery.

Honestly, I don’t know other Kindle publishing courses. I decided to buy this course because I found a post about it and this blog post promoted this course, and I wanted to take action immediately. So, unfortunately, I can’t compare it to other classes but I will try additional training as well, and I will do a review about it for you.

So I bought this course, and I started to follow the instructions. In the beginning, I didn’t make much money. However, I did make a few dollars, and this proved me that this works.

I started this business in January and here’s a snapshot of my earning from that time.

I only had one book in February then I submitted eight more in March. So you can tell it’s not a good earning, but I made my first dollars online.

I learned from this course that I can diversify my income if I publish not only Kindle books but paperback books on CreateSpace and audiobooks on Audible. So I did that, and after a year this is what happened. The report just shows my earnings from Kindle books, and this does not show audible sales.

Of course, I had more books (I had about 70 books), and this result is not only because I published on more platform, but I followed the advanced lessons from the course.

So I did not become rich from this, but I can make passive income from this business month after month.

The best thing is that you don’t need to write a book by yourself. You can hire a writer to do it for you. I had more than 70 books now, and I only have one book that I wrote by myself. However, I plan to write another one, but the point is that you don’t even need to write one single book to make money from this business.

Okay, now let’s see how can you make money step-by-step.

First of all, I show you how people can buy from you.

Someone go to and type a keyword in the search bar. It works like any other search engine (for example, but the main difference is that people go here to buy something, while people go to Google to find free information.

Let’s say someone type “online business from scratch” and find this book:

They can click the orange “Buy now with 1-Click” button and Amazon link their credit card info, so it’s easy to purchase a Kindle book from Amazon.

People who are not sure that your book is the right fit for their needs can click on the cover photo to see a preview of your book. They can read the description, and at the bottom of the page, they can even read reviews about it.

So what should you need to do to make money with Kindle publishing?

1.Finding a Profitable Niche

First of all, you need to come up with some potentially profitable niche ideas. I usually go to the Best Seller List to see what’s selling. I use this list because it shows what Amazon’s visitors buy. However, you can use any other website like or

2. Keyword Research

The next step is to narrow down your list to 2-3 ideas. To do so, you need to search for the keyword you come up with and determine if the top books in that niche are selling. If you go to the top books’ product page, you can scroll down to the “Product details” section where you can find the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. It will tell you if a book is selling. I learned from the K Money Mastery course that I should find books that have a ranking of 100,000 or less.

3. Creating a Title that Sells

A Kindle ebook title usually consists of two parts: title and subtitle. I usually use my primary keywords as the title, but my subtitles also include other relevant keywords to rank higher in the search engine for those keywords. However, you need to be careful. You can’t put a bunch of keywords in it; you need a title that makes people think I want that.

4. Design a Cover that Sells

You can order a cover for your Kindle book on You can order a cover for as low as $5. Your cover needs to include your title and be sure to use a royalty-free image on it. There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr who give you a royalty-free image as a bonus, and they edit it for you.

5. Kindle Book Creation

If you don’t have money to put into this business, you can write your book by yourself. However, an easy way is to hire a writer to do it for you. There are several websites where you can find freelancers who write a book for you, and you only need to pay a fee for them and that way you buy the rights to sell that book without paying them a royalty after every purchase. and Warrior Forum are examples of websites where you can find ghostwriters. Another way to hire writers to write a book for you is to find book writing companies.

6. Preparing Your Book for Publishing

In this step you have to make sure that your cover and your book looks good, your book is formatted so that it’s readable and you’re ready to publish.

7. Creating a KDP Account

Once you’re ready, set up your KDP account to submit your book(s). Go to this link and follow the instructions to create an account:

8. Publishing Your Book on Kindle

Go to and login to your account.

Under the “Create a New Title” text, click on “Kindle eBook”.

Here you should follow the instructions and fill in the book name, book contributors, book description, categories, keywords, upload your cover and Kindle ebook file and you’re ready to sell.

Please note that you’re free to use pen names as your author name. I do the same. I only use my name for the book I wrote myself, but all of my other books have a pen name. But it’s your choice.

You can price your book everywhere from $0.99 to $200. However, if you want to receive a 70% royalty you have to price your book between $2.99 and $9.99 or you will only get 35%. I usually sell my books for $2.99, but in the beginning, I sometimes sell it for $0.99 to get more downloads.

9. Viewing Your Kindle Book

Once it’s approved, search for your Kindle book and check if everything looks good. If not, you are free to make changes. It can be useful to note the page number where your book is ranked to check back later and see the improvements.

10. Getting Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews are helpful for ranking your book higher and getting more sales. However, Amazon has strict guides about reviews, so read them carefully as you don’t want to get into trouble.

First of all, you need to know the types of reviews that someone can leave for you. These are unverified and verified reviews. If you see an orange text saying “verified purchase”, that is a verified review. If you don’t see it, it’s an unverified review. A verified review means someone actually bought your book and then left a review. Here’s an example:

An unverified review means that who left the review did not buy the book. Of course, verified reviews worth more but every review is helpful.

Amazon wants people to buy the book and leave a review for it. Amazon doesn’t want fake reviews, that’s why they have strict rules about reviews. However, there are a few things you can do to ask for a review.

My favorite way to get reviews is to simply tell my readers at the end of the books that reviews will help me improve my writing so if they have a minute to leave a review that would be highly appreciated.

Another way is to build a list of customers and send them a follow-up email to request a review.

11. Marketing Your Book on KDP Select

While your title is enrolled in KDP Select, you elect to make your Kindle eBook exclusive to Kindle. Why is it good for you? Mostly because you will get an opportunity to set up a free promotion up to 5 days in every 90 days. This way you will get more customers what will lead to higher rankings. You can find Kindle book directories where you can submit your site and promote your free promotion. There are a lot of websites where you can send your book for free. These sites usually require a 7-day notice before the free promotion.

12. Using Twitter & Facebook to Promote Your Book

During your free promotion, you should promote your book as much as possible. On Facebook, all you have to do is join to groups and post about your free promotion. On Twitter, you can search for accounts to follow by typing something similar to “free Kindle” into the search box and send them a tweet about your promotion.

13. Additional Book Promotion Strategies

  • Ask your friends and families to download your books
  • Find message boards and communities to post it
  • Promote to niche specific Facebook groups (for me this is the most efficient way to get more customers)
  • Buy Fiverr Gigs (type in “Kindle promotion”)
  • Facebook and Twitter advertising
  • Press releases
  • Promote to a mailing list or a blog

Of course, these are just the basic steps and I learn it all from the K Money Mastery course.

. I don’t have a lot of work on it. I sometimes promote my books to niche specific Facebook groups. Most of my money comes from paperback books as they have a higher price range as the Kindle ebooks. My sales from my audiobooks are varying, but I can make some extra money with it.

I will start studying other Kindle publishing courses and will make a comparison. My result is due to this training, and I wanted to give you an overview of how I built this business up. I will try other tactics and will update you if I find something that will boost my sales.

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