How Can You Afford To Live The Life You Want

/How Can You Afford To Live The Life You Want

How Can You Afford To Live The Life You Want

Do you have a dream? I’m sure you have. Maybe you’d like to travel the world or just live free without a 9-5 job. That’s great but how can you afford it? This article will be about this.

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You can already read a lot of article about the secret get rich quick formula and maybe you realized that it doesn’t exist. So now I don’t want to repeat this cliche.

I spent a lot of time studying rich people lifes and I can determine that there is no secret. Rich people are rich because they have a successful business or more businesses and they invest their money in something. That’s all. Is it a good news? It was for me. That’s why I decided to learn more about business and investment and I take action to achieve my goals.

So I started a business and learn continuously. I already achieve a great success, but I want more so I take further action. However, I really want to share my knowledge with a lot of people, because I know that everybody can live their dreams. So, I decided to start a blog to help more and more people.

Okay, so in my opinion, the first step to become rich and free is to start a business. There is a lot of way to do so. I wanted a business that create me passive income.

What is passive income? Nowadays, resourches are the most valuable assets and they available in a lot of format. We have great automatization softwares, we can work with great people from all over the world and so on. I will write a separate article about this topic. Now the point is that we can create a business that is almost 100% automatic, so that it only requires a few hours per week to maintain. However, it doesn’t come just like that. At the beginning, you need to work as much as possible. But it worth it. After a certain time, it become almost 100% passive and it doesn’t need you full-time.

Let’s see a few example for passive income. Sell an ebook, do affliate marketing, investing, sell an online course, build an ecommerce store and drop ship, directly sell advertising spaces, build an online store, build a mobile app, vending machines, games machines, get a rental property, adsence share, resell online products and services, create softwares, buy and rent out expensive equipment or anything, invest in a real world business, etc.

All you have to do is invest a lot of time, energy and money at the beginning and after a while, systematize, automate and outsourche every task you can. That’s the basic strategy but in the future I will share with you more and more strategies.

Until then, go and check out a great book about how to make money online and become financially free by creating passive income.

In the next article I will tell you how I started to earn passive income online.

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