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Would you like to get cheap flights? Then this blog post is for you.

Flights are one of the most significant costs when you’re traveling. So I created this blog post to share with you some tips to get cheap flights.

I recently released a new book called Travel: Travel Guide Book to Travel the World on a Budget, which is now available on Amazon. So I decided to share with you some tips about saving money on airfare.

The only way to find the cheapest flight is to compare them. However, be sure to use incognito mode and clear your cookies when you’re comparing flights as prices can go up if you recheck the flights. As a result, they can’t track your history, if you use incognito mode.

It’s also important to know that prices change often. So you need to check the prices regularly to get the cheapest flight.

Flight comparison sites

Here are some sites that you should check when comparing flights.

Budget Airlines

Here are some budget airlines that you should check when comparing flights.

Keep in mind that you should try to book your flight directly through the airline, especially if its a budget airline. They don’t always post their cheapest fares to other websites, so check out the budget airlines’ website as well.

Tips to get cheap flights

If you’re flexible with the dates and departures, you’ll find cheap tickets. For example,Skyscanner is great if you’re flexible. Skyscanner can also show the most affordable destinations from your place. However, if you have a goal where you want to go to, you can also see the cheapest month in Skyscanner.

You should start searching for tickets 1 to 2 months before departure.

The best way to buy tickets is from mid-January until early March.

In general, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are when the prices the lowest.

Try to purchase your tickets on Tuesdays between 2 and 4 pm.

It can be worth checking the same flight the next morning after you’ve booked it because the prices go down usually.

If you have the destination country, check out the other airports in that county because there is a high chance to find a lower price in a less famous city. It’s also true for the departure. Check out other airports in your country and check if that would be a cheaper option after all.

Use alerts to be notified if the price changes. For instance,Google has an alert like that, and they can send you an email if something changes. Skyscanner also has an alert function.

Google has another tool where you can check the historical price. It worth checking out as well because you can see when the prices go down, and if you see that flights are lower on let’s say every Tuesday, you’ll know that you should wait until Tuesday to book your flight.

Other tips to get cheap flights

Airlines often sell more tickets because most of the time some people arrive late and miss their flights. However, in some cases, every passenger arrives on time. Then they pay for people who are willing to go with a later flight. When you get to the airport, go directly to the gate and tell them that if the flight is overbooked, you’re happy to take a flight at a later time. If the flight is overbooked, they will book another flight for you. Moreover, they will give you food credits, a hotel for the night if you need it and airline credit.

The highest chance to find an overbooked flight is on the busiest days, which are usually on Monday, Friday, and Sunday too. Then check the seat maps and choose the one with the less availability.

You can also get paid if your flight is delayed. I recommend using AirHelp for this. All you have to do is scanning your barcode, and if your flight delayed, they automatically arrange a payback to you on your behalf. They only ask you for 25%, but I think it’s worth it because every airline has a different policy.

Another tip is to subscribe to some airlines’ newsletter as you can find some excellent deal there as well. AirAsia and Airfarewatchdog often send good deals, so it’s worth subsribing to their newsletter.

Other ways you can save money

You can also save money if you pack light. We always travel with a backpack only as we only take the most necessary things even if we travel for months. I’ll create a blog post and a video later where I share with you what I pack.

Another important thing is to pack some sandwiches because the food is costly on the plane and at the airport. You can also pack a little reusable water bottle, and you can fill it up after the check-in.

How to travel the world on a budget

If you’d like to know more about how to travel the world on a budget, then check out my in-depth travel guide book. Buy now while it’s only $0.99.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this book:

  • How to make money while you’re traveling?
  • How to save money on the airfare?
  • How to save money on accommodation?
  • How to find the best exchange rate?
  • Do you need travel insurance?
  • How to eat cheap?
  • How to save money on car rentals?
  • How to get a free rental car, hotel and airline upgrades?
  • Scams that will cost you money
  • Travel Diseases
  • And much, much more

Click here to download your copy now while it’s only $0.99.


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